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    Saturday, May 12th, 2012
    4:22 pm
    Ignorance of Human Mind

    1. Dont Care what company product is doing to mankind or environment for investment or shares, as long get good returns.

    2. Depend on Popularity of School, but Dont Care what teachers are teaching or School is doing to divide human race by religion, color, region.

    3. Dont Care what our Govt or our Religion do others as long we can be greater and bigger to bully others.


    4:15 pm
    Bliss of Awareness

    Nature Provided

    a. Mountains, Rivers, Water Falls, Sky and Stars, Moonlight and Millions of Living Beings to View the Beauty.

    b. The sound of birds chirping, Rain drops, River Flow, Thunder Storm to please the Ear and be in bliss.

    c. Hundreds of Fruits and Vegetables to Eat and Satisfy the Taste Bud.

    d. Flowers, Tress, other Living Beings to Touch and Feel each other.

    f. The Aromas and Fragrances passing through Nose creates Bliss to Organs.

    Monday, April 9th, 2012
    5:49 pm
    Human Mind

    1. if in Advaita stage, then one with Universe, so only love, compassion for all

    2. if in duality stage then seperation with all, so love-hate, day-nigh, past-present, male-female, etc etc


    5:48 pm
    Veganism : Wiki

    1. to adopt plant based diet.

    2. things used by / on body like body wear, shoes, wallet, belts not made by animal by product or hinsa ( child or forced labour )

    3. things used in office / home / school like stationary, carry bags not made by animal by product or hinsa.

    4. Ultimate purpose to detach from food intake and focus on using energy for positive co-creation.


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